Suska Varda heard the voice of Streisand
from the womb and emerged into the world
wailing “Don’t Rain on my Parade”.  Her many
musical influences range from the singing of
Lotte Lenya, Marthe Schlamme, Besse Smith
and Joan Baez, traditional American folk to
musical theater, as well as modern and
classical music.
Suska began playing piano at
age 7, guitar when she was 12, and mandolin
at 22. She studied the classical music of India
as well as western vocal technique at the
California Institute of the Arts where she
performed with African, Celtic, Javanese and
North and South Indian ensembles specializing
in voice.
Suska returns to her Jewish roots as  
Hot Kugel” the klezmer ensemble in which
she sings in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino and
also plays  mandolin and guitar.
Suska is
passionate about Yiddishkeit. Her enthusiastic
spirit can be heard in her rich vocals and seen
in her every move onstage.