Mordecai is a multi-talented entertainer,
vocalist, instrumentalist & recording artist who
writes, arranges, and produces his own music.
His favorite instrument is cornet. He plays
guitars finger style, melodeon (a diatonic reed
instrument unrelated to the chromatic
accordion), hand drums and kazoo. He
doubles on baritone horn and acoustic
(stand-up) bass.
Mordecai learned Klezmer
from his mother, a classical pianist, and jazz
singing from his Dad who fronted a swing
dance band in that era. He studied classical
music as a child and played in his high school
orchestra but learned from Shorty, Bunk, Bix,
Clyde, Spike and Harry as well.
Mordecai met
Suska while directing a Klezmer jam at the JCC
in Marin County, California, and they became
good friends. Their collaboration resulted in
Hot Kugel.